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Site changes, url format, categories, preview mode

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT 7 years ago
We are working on some changes at mmfiles, most of them are already completed. These changes are:

New url formats
OLD: /flash/menus/micro_menu_3137.html
NEW: /3137/micro-menu/

Old links will be properly redirected to maintain any links or affiliate referrals.

PHP, HTML, Flash categories merged
We decided that is best to just have one level of categories that will mix all kind of files, because sometimes users look for "Photo galleries" regardless if is made with PHP, JavaScript or Flash, so we will try to keep them together for now and see how it works.

Each listing has "Technologies Used" associated (Flash, PHP, jQuery, Asp.NET, etc)
When submitting or editing a listing you will see "Technologies Used", check the boxes for technologies used to create this listing, or used in this listing, this also includes "XML", "Psd File", etc. We will use this in a new search function we will have. So users will be able to look inside "Menus" categories and only see the "XML" ones or jQuery ones, etc :D

Listing additional category
Author can now display same listing in two categories, because for example some listings can be considered both "Banner Rotators" or "Photo Galleries", certain photo galleries can also be considered a site template, etc.

New preview mode: external URL
Now authors that submit dynamic scripts like PHP, Asp.NET, etc can set the preview mode to "External URL" and type the URL where your script preview is hosted (e.g on your site), we will display it in a large iframe and will look like is hosted at mmfiles.

Note that selecting "external url" preview mode will remove any current preview files.


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