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Custom work - A better EBAY like website

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A group of Silver and Gold Enthusiasts have gotten together with the idea of building a streamline yet visually appealing website for those people who want to do business with Silver and Gold Coins instead of with paper money.

This is a big project and will need to be paid incrementally as it is developed 1 module at a time.

The End result will be a cross between Craigslist with Ebay with a healthy portion of and

The idea is simple, yet has some technical hurtles that need to be overcome.

1) Coins around the world come in different Sizes, Weights, Compositions, and Purities - the site must make it easy for people to calculate their purchasing power and facilitate trades in a variety of coins. for instance a person may want to buy a painting for 12 American US Silver Dollar coins pre 1964 that have a purity of 90% Silver and 10% copper as well as a few canadian coins a british coin and an australian gold coin.

This would be a very lengthy transaction to calculate if done by hand but the computer can have a database of every coin in existence with its weight purity size and composition on file, the buyer selects images of the coins that he or she has confirms it and then those coins are added to the persons Bag, the computer makes all the calculations and as you spend or accumulate more coins in your physical possession the computer accounts for those compositions and runs a report of its up to the minute spot price in what ever national currency of your choice as well as a total of each metal.

a sample report would look something like this:
_________________________________________________ ________________________

Silver 3.5 Troy Ounces ---$64.40
Gold 28 Grams -------------$1244.92
Copper 2 Ounces------------$6.82

Spot price Copper $3.41 Silver $18.40 Gold $1244.92 Platinum $1618.32

Coins and Bars in Bag
(3) Silver US Dollars .999 Pure ----- $55.20 / $18.40 each
(1) Half US Dollar .999 Pure --------- $9.20 / $9.20 each
(1) Gold Eagle $50 Dollar .999 Pure--- $1244.92 / $1244.92 each
(2) Perth Mint Copper Bullion Bars---- $6.82 / $3.41 each

Gold Money Vault Holdings

Silver 114 Troy Ounces ( $2649.60 )
Gold .5 Troy Ounces ( $622.46 )

China NONE

England Silver 54 Troy Ounces ($993.60)
Gold 1 Troy Ounce (1244.92)
_________________________________________________ __________

Each element within the bag is viewable and updateable

Shipping costs will be estimated both for the item and the cost of shipping the payment via certified mail US POSTAL SERVICE

for people who want to buy a product or service but do not own any gold or silver of their own, the can buy the gold or silver from one of the many dealers that will have automatic price updates to the minute for every coin or bar they offer see or for examples

The gold silver or platinum that they buy can be shipped in whole or in part to themselfs, they may choose to ship some of the gold or silver to a merchant on the site in exchange for goods or services.. we are currently developing networks with large coin dealers who are willing to ship direct from their facilities to a third party address

a third option is to have the silver gold or platinum kept in a vault for delayed shipment. The united States Mint offers this service at westpoint but smaller private vaults such as those of perform roughly the same service at a competitive price point

The site development will include Iphone app and Ipad App development

GPS function for the IPHONE can be turned on inside the app to allow the user to find the nearest participating coin dealer, directly from the iphone or ipad they can order coins and pick up those coins at a discount

the apps will also have a gps enabled feature similar to that allows people to search for their product or service they want in a localized area, say you want a custom wedding dress tailored and you want to pay gold coin for it. the iphone app will first identify your location and then list in order of proximity and or rating or price the tailors who are willing to sell their service for gold coin, the vendors get more business than they would and the customer gets the product at a slightly discounted price, not to mention the tax advantages for the vendor accepting coins with a lower face value but have a higher purchasing power or market value.

people will be able to search by "where the product was made" and where it is now. cost of shipping, cost of product + shipping Quality of product as per past customer ratings and testimonials as well as other criteria

there is much more that i want to do with this site that i can't explain all here but that gives you the rough idea

A group of Silver and Gold Enthusiasts have gotten together with the idea of building a streamline yet visually appealing website for those people who want to... more >

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2006.siddhartha $2 000.00 1 decade ago
user 2006.siddhartha hello i can do this for you please contact with me for more about me
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zeex $2 000.00 5 years ago
user zeex I am interested in this project, i can do this project in $2000.00. please contact me so we can discuss further.
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user zeex
zeex 5 years ago

I am interested in this project, i can do this project in $2000.00. please contact me so we can discuss further.

user flashreseller
flashreseller 10 years ago

I guess he would never find a good developer for this product. To complex for such a low budget.