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Custom work - scrolling thumbs with main picture Gallery  completed project is completed

Client AIstudio
Developer Aires ($25.00)
Price range 0.00 - 30.00 dollars
Project date 14 Jun 2010 project date
Project deadline 18 Jun 2010 project deadline
Developer can resell it can resell
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Bids placed
Developer selected Aires ($25.00)
Cash advance paid $13.00
Developer uploaded work
Client paid all $25.00


Hi all,
I have been asked to do a website for a client. Although i am ok with building sites they want something that i have never done.
I have posted a screen shot of the website layout.
Basically the row of thumbnails need to scroll left or right when the mouse goes over the image thumb area. When a user selects an image i want it to fade into the main pic box to the right of the menu on the left.
Obviously when the page loads the thumbnails will be on a centred image in the row and that picture will be on the box.
I have looked through the various gallery photo stuff and cant seem to find anything that would suit. My main issue is that the scrolling thumbs and the image box would not be the same div on the page. Or put another way not just a all contained flash movie.
If anyone can do this I would be very greatfull indeed.

If you need more info I am always around



Hi all,
I have been asked to do a website for a client. Although i am ok with building sites they want something that i have never done.
I have posted...
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user BF-Designs
BF-Designs 1 decade ago

Kev, how are you planning to have both the gallery (big picture and thumbnails) and the html menu on the same sqaure area? the html will be over the flash or you want 2 flash files (the thumbnails and the big picture separated) which will communicate with each other?
(sorry if my questions is silly or if you already explained these facts but i'm a little confused)

user AIstudio
AIstudio 1 decade ago


@ BF-Designs. No they wont be included in the flash. Basically the scrolling thumbs will be on each page, obviously the page is selected via the links to the left. These are just normal spry etc.
The thumbs will have a different set of images for each page, relevant to its section.
I only need the page thumbs and main box doing for the main page, as long as I can change the images for the remaining pages.
If I just called them ImageGallery_Home_01Thumb and ImageGallery_Home_01 (main image for that thumb) then i could have say thumbs 1 to 12 and main images 1-12 for that page.
The only pages in the list on the left are the ones with a blue triangle to each side. So the Extensions page would have thumbs called ImageGallery_Extensions_01Thumb and ImageGallery_Extensions_01
Again these would be 1-12.
I would keep them in there seperate folders in the main image folder for the site.
So as long as i can just change the path for each page that would be good.
I will supply a set of dummy thumbs and dummy main images for the Home page scroller and main image build for whoever does the job.
I will also supply the background for the scroller etc.

Does this all seem ok?



user BF-Designs
BF-Designs 1 decade ago

are you planing to include the left links in the flash?

user bgaby88
bgaby88 1 decade ago

you can do it easier with jquery javascript...

user AIstudio
AIstudio 1 decade ago

Hi guys,
Great to see you guys can help. I am constructing the main page right now and hope to have the main content in by teh end of tonight.
I can then send over upload this to my server so that you can see the effect i have on the page. The top image is a flash movie that has 6 images that are faded in and out over a period of time. Thi is the same sort of effect i would like on the image fading in when the mouse hovers over a thumb in the gallery. I need to confirm today if the client wants the image to fade in when a thumb is hovered over or the thumb is actually clicked. I think either can look good but if the scroll is to fast the images wont get chance to fade in before the next one fades in.

I will confirm who is going to do this job shortly.