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Custom work - content scroller

Client organicdrew
Developer no developer picked yet
Price range 1.00 - 15.00 dollars
Project date 10 Jun 2010 project date
Project deadline 16 Jun 2010 project deadline
Developer can resell it can resell
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Who can bid anyone can bid
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This is exactly what i am looking for only i may need a slight modification nt_scroller_v1_1915.html?message=Comment%20posted& message_type=success&comment_box_contents=

I want it easily realizable so i can set Height="295px" Width="775px"
for example. and I don't want any border around it so make sure it has a border true false option
and i want buttons like those found on this page

except i need the buttons to be overlapping the image within the frame size designated above and the buttons need to be semi translucent and entirely editable via XML or HTML CSS files

the buttons should be no larger than those on the sample page i provided

and it should be easy to add more page & buttons

Be sure to put plenty of <!-- info tags so that i can see what parts do what if i need to change something -->

and be sure to make the sweeping page transition the same

on second thought I also want the page navigation to be auto hide and auto appear with a 4 second delay on auto hide and instant no delay on appear when the mouse moves into the bottom navigation area.

the whole thing i want to easily plug into an existing spot on a website so make sure you write that out in the read me area as well as the <!-- tags within the files.. what goes where you know..

example <!-- put this in the header or <!-- put this section in the body

you know so a dummy like me can do it.

if you need any files to make this happen i own the finehawaiianart site where that second content scrolled exists.

that's all, any questions?
I want the buttons to be the same size as

This is exactly what i am looking for only i may need a slight... more >

Bids (2)

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nexussoftgroup $15.00 9 years ago
user nexussoftgroup flash,flex with as3 expert here.
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arkoak $60.00 1 decade ago
user arkoak i can do it but $15 is too low for custom work
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Project comments

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user organicdrew
organicdrew 1 decade ago

I can pay as much as $17 but that's it.. sorry flat broke, but if you can do this for me then i will buy more of your stuff for sure next month.

user aven_qian
aven_qian 1 decade ago

Can you raise the cost of modifications?