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Custom work - 3d Photography website template with unlimited galleries

Client papaone
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Price range 0.00 - 40.00 dollars
Project date 13 May 2010 project date
Project deadline 30 Jun 2010 project deadline
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I am looking for Website to show 3d stereo pairs of photographs.

3d involves taking 1 photograph and the moving the camera a variable distance either left or right then taking another photograph focusing upon the same scene, when the 2 are viewed alongside each other they can form a 3d stereo pair. It becomes necessary to prevent the left eye from seeing what the right eye sees and this can be done with a stereo viewer or swapping the images over so the right image is on the left and vice-versa a 3d image can be seen if the viewer looks at these images cross-eyed without the need for a viewer.
The principle has been used for many years but now that nearly every one has access to a PC interest has been renewed.

The images I take are large and have to be reduced to get 2 of them on the screen and to make downloading the page reasonably quick this makes auto resize to browser essential.

Below is my wish list of features for this site:

SWF support.
Website name banner with back, contact, about, galleries,new, etc buttons across all pages with the ability to hide/show these items allowing a clear page for viewing.
Easy to maintain/add/remove galleries.
Unlimited galleries
Auto resize.
Mp3 background facility.
Scrollable thumbs autohide gallery.
Autoplay slideshow with adjustable timing and transitions.
Image resize, zoom & pan.
Image description (on/off autohide) Description area to contain headings for: Title, Owner, Location, Month. Camera, Exposure, Stereo base. Contact email with password generation to prevent spam.

Any other features considered by you the potential developer which would enhance the site would be seriously and gratefully considered.

This last feature maybe a challenge and not even possible but, because the onscreen double image has to be reduced to fit the browser some of the detail will be lost, would it be possible to build in a feature which allows the images to be zoomed in and the right hand side image slid on top of the left, (accordion style) via a bottom scroll bar so each of the images can be viewed at this higher magnification. I realise this would involve another folder keeping the 2 matching images separated and the the bottom image (left) becoming the top in order to see the right hand side of the paired shots.
I realise some of the above might be unclear, for any clarification please contact me through the MMfiles contact email

I am looking for Website to show 3d stereo pairs of photographs.

3d involves taking 1 photograph and the moving the camera a variable distance either left...
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user brettmcmaugh
brettmcmaugh 9 years ago

lol a full website $40 cant get hosting for $40

user papaone
papaone 1 decade ago

Scrolling through existing templates most experienced template/gallery developers already have most of these components in their repertoire, a full rewrite may not be needed.
There are some excellent templates on MMfiles atarting at $25 which could possibly be adapted.
The specification was headed as a wish list, if it all can't be included for the offered price developers can cherry pick from the list what they can offer.

user renjal24
renjal24 1 decade ago

are you serious ?. how one can expect this much low price. can't affordable.

user bgaby88
bgaby88 1 decade ago

Are you serious about the price??? really? for 40$ you can't even buy an advanced template and you want someone to freelance it for you... are you really serious!?