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Custom work - Simple Portfolio Template with Vertical Scrolling Gallery  completed project is completed

Client E2thaV
Developer bgaby88 ($75.00)
Price range 0.00 - 100.00 dollars
Project date 16 Nov 2009 project date
Project deadline 01 Dec 2009 project deadline
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Developer selected bgaby88 ($75.00)
Cash advance paid $38.00
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Client paid all $75.00


Greetings everyone,

I am new to the site but am in urgent need of somebody who can help me develop a simple portfolio template to show some photography work.

What I am looking for is a page containing three links:

1. Portfolio
2. Philosophy
3. Rates

Now the important thing is that the Portfolio will be accessed via tab on the left-hand side that (when scrolled over) reveals itself as a vertical strip of images that can scroll up or down based on the mouse position of the user.

When somebody clicks on one of the thumbnails, it should display larger in the center of the page, with some info or general description.

When somebody clicks on either Philosophy or Rates the are where the large image would normally appear will simply be replaced by some text.

The closest example I was able to find is this: y-quickyboy/10002

It's selling for twenty dollars...twenty dollars I already spent only to receive no support whatsoever after having made six or seven separate attempts to contact the author. All I need is something like that with the bar on the left-hand side, and it should have the two other links that could also be accessed from the tab-one for 'Philosophy' which is just an about page with some text and maybe an image, and a 'Rates' page that would have a contact blurb and some pricing.

I am willing to pay FIVE times the amount I have already essentially wasted to have pretty much the same thing as the twenty dollar file with just a few tweaks made. If this is a project that you think is do-able I would really really appreciate the help.



Greetings everyone,

I am new to the site but am in urgent need of somebody who can help me develop a simple portfolio template to show some photography...
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born4flash $70.00 1 decade ago
user born4flash I'll do this for you.send me your's project detail with pic and text content. please check my uploaded file.
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bgaby88 $75.00 this is the chosen developerchosen developer 1 decade ago
user bgaby88 I modify my windows 7 style template so you don't have to buy it and make the modifications, you only provide the images+text
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user bgaby88
bgaby88 1 decade ago

Project done and uploaded :D

user born4flash
born4flash 1 decade ago

please check my uploaded files. open index file and check my template.

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT 1 decade ago

@Born4flash: don't post links to competitive sites here !

user bgaby88
bgaby88 1 decade ago

Check out my Windows 7 style template... your request sound exactly like that template
here is the link: indows_7_style_dark_glossy_template_1140 .html
- the only changes I have to make to fit your requirments is to add text to the images and center the big image, btw that tempalte know much more than what you need and I can change whatever you want on it... just let me know.. and I usually give support to al my files so you can contact me almost 24h a day :)