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Custom work - scrolling menu - change font to Verdana upper case bold 10pt (white)  completed project is completed

Client technoMan
Developer viptechnology ($7.00)
Price range 1.00 - 30.00 dollars
Project date 31 Aug 2011 project date
Project deadline 02 Sep 2011 project deadline
Developer can resell it can resell
Bids visibility anyone can see bids
Who can bid anyone can bid
Project visibility project is visible to public
Bids placed
Developer selected viptechnology ($7.00)
Cash advance paid $4.00
Developer uploaded work
Client paid all $7.00


just change the font and publish

just change the font and publish

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Bids are closed, viptechnology was picked to develop this project.

viptechnology $7.00 this is the chosen developerchosen developer 9 years ago
user viptechnology This look's like a simple task. I'm available right away.
User is rated 2.25 of 5

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user technoMan
technoMan 9 years ago

remainder of payment is available. I apologize for delay. Thanks for the good work.

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT 9 years ago

@viptechnology I made the adjustments from admin end in order to release the funds to you.

I think it was more a client error rather than system being too complicated to use, the client clicking a button that says "create a new project", this is obviously not what you should do in order to complete an existent project or pay the author of an existent project.

Still, because of these fails to complete projects, I will consider editing the system and lock the full funds (project price) rather than 50% of the full price as it is now.

user viptechnology
viptechnology 9 years ago

adrianTNT I think you should improve the custom work area, as you can see the client was happy with the result but doesn't know how to release all the payment and I'm not payed at all. In my opinion I think you should freeze the money and the client will be able to release when job is done, if not it should be a dispute area so client can explain why it will not release the payment.

user viptechnology
viptechnology 9 years ago

TechnoMan I'm glad that my services helped you to complete the task even it took 4 attemps, anyway my fee is still 7$ but you only release 4$ as an advanced payment so please release the next 3$ using the button "Pay the author". Thank you and I hope I can help you with other Flash request.

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT 9 years ago

I do understand that you are new to this.
I am asking you to stop because this one project (on this page) was not completed, you just kept adding new projects instead of using this one and complete the tasks.
So next, you need to click "Pay the author ($3 more)" above on this page.

Funds are already added in your mmfiles account, by clicking the above link you are basically moving $3 from your mmfiles account to author's mmfiles account.

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