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Custom work - Flare Effect

Client kullybassi
Developer no developer picked yet
Price range 0.00 - 30.00 dollars
Project date 25 Mar 2011 project date
Project deadline 29 Mar 2011 project deadline
Developer can resell it can resell
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I am looking for customisation on s_2314.html

I have purchased it but am unable to get what i want as i don't know actionscript. I just want the flare effect in orange without the buttons. It should just load in a movie and i can then use in a projects of mine. I want the onMouseOver effect and teh OnClick effect in separate fla's for me to use. If possible polease also give me them in different colours. It should be very easy to do as you already have created this.

Please do get on asap and let me know how much... you can email me personally on [EMAIL REMOVED BY ADMIN] or through here...




I am looking for customisation on s_2314.html

I have purchased it but am unable to get what i...
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sunderpatriot $15.00 9 years ago
user sunderpatriot Hi,I am ready to do the project...
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eddymax $30.00 9 years ago
user eddymax Hello, I can do that for you. Best regards
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Project comments

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user patrickjansen
patrickjansen 9 years ago

Hi Kully,
I'm currently a bit swamped but it doesn't seem that it will take too much time to reconfigure, probably $30 will cover the time spent. I'll need to reschedule my agenda a bit so can do it somewhere in coming day or 2.

A few followup questions
- do you need to mix colors in a single .fla for multiple buttons? If so I'll need to make a few custom mods for multi-choice by actionscript
- do you need different color for mouse over and click in single .fla for a single button? same thing, a few custom mods needed.
- the component already has internal mouseover and click routines. Could you elaborate why/how you would need those seperate?

In all shouldn't be complicated, just a matter of re-scripting a number of things to facilitate making changes easier for you.

user patrickjansen
patrickjansen 9 years ago

Hi Kully
Did you try using a bunch of spaces as text? That way there will be no visible text but still have the mouse over effect. I also have a XML version available for purchasers, through which you don't need to edit .fla or .as files (only XML text file), for that contact me directly for the (free for purchasers) standalone xml version