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Flash XML Mosaic Gallery only at this listing is admin's pick

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user pauljima Bypauljima


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
This is a simple to use flash image gallery. In order to update, you only need to go into the XML document, which is also set up very simply. You only need to specify the location of the image (SWFs can work as well) and thumbnail, and set a title if you want.

The thumbnails can be any size, but they will be centered within a 50x50 square, so the best idea would be to set the shorter edge to 50, but it doesn't need to be cropped to a 50x50 square.

You can also specify the number of columns to use in the XML file. The default is 10.

Includes image preloaders and dynamic centering within a self-contained movieclip for easy integration (Note: Remember to include all library assets).

I've added the ability to adjust the speed of animations in the XML file.

Keywords: Dynamic  XML  Mosaic  Image  Gallery 


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user infinity
infinity didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

but if you make two buttons appears after the image loaded, I think it would be better

user pauljima
pauljima the listing author 1 decade ago

Hey, thanks for the kind words, but I don't know how to make a true photo mosaic in Flash (yet). =)

user jmedina
jmedina didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

I love photo sifter ! on this, I have posted a request to the developer section of mmfiles on a photomosiac style slideshow not sure if your interested in developing...

user pauljima
pauljima the listing author 1 decade ago

Awesome! Thanks!

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

I made it "admin pick".

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