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Flash version: 6, ActionScript 1.0.
Rating system with Flash and PHP, no database or coding is needed.

This is very easy to use rating system for your web site, you can use this so that users can vote for your products, music, videos, pictures or any other listings you have on your web site, so that the other users will know how good a certain listing is by the score (stars) and the number of votes.

It is very easy to use, you will get all the source files, however you will only need 2 files for this system: rating.swf and rating.php, all you have to do is insert the swf in your page just like any other flash content and have the rating.php in same directory.

id of item to be rated is set by file name.
(easier to use) allows you to have different items to be rated just by duplicating and renaming the swf and php file, for example:

rate_video1.swf + rate_video1.php
rate_video2.swf + rate_video2.php
rate_video3.swf + rate_video3.php

After you have the files named like above than insert the swf flash files in your html page and you are ready.

id of item to be rated is set by html code.
The second version of this product allows you to set the ID of the item to be rated by html code, in this version you will need only one of rating.swf and one rating.php file and in your html code after the path to swf file enter your listing ID like this:

<param name="movie" value="rating_id.swf?id=10542" />

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