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NGWeb-Next Generation Web V1

NGWeb-Next Generation Web V1 - click for preview
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user corsaN BycorsaN


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 2.0.
Welcome to the Real World... This is a NGWeb of our company... We try to make some simple design here to see what is gonna happen when we upload real rock file of us... gonna see it together
By the way it looks like one of file here but it is more sofisticated

thank you from now on for your RATING !!

What is in this/include File ??? :

- Amazing design!!

- You can upload unlimited items!

- AS 2.0 code base

- It is only 32KB published size

- XML driven image categories and text fields

- Easing Tween Classes! used mc_tween classes,too. For visiting its page

- it has CDATA – HTML Tags Handle!

- You can also handle image and .swf files!

- Tiled background from external .swf file

- Easing Scroll bar and reseting scrollBar position automaticly when you press next/previous or close button
- When you rollover it has a nice button sound

- Animations are AS 2.0 drivens !

- Well document...

Keywords: xml  driven  gallery  template  portfolio  creative  c  reative 


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user corsaN
corsaN the listing author 1 decade ago

First of all thank you interesting of my file.
Yes you can change logo. it should be your companies logo. "YOU can put HTML text here?" means you can use HTML tags like bold, list etc..
in this case it doesn't support video. i am gonna make V2 as soon as possible...

user superfeet
superfeet didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

Hi, Nice easy work! - But a little Q: Can we change logo and what you mean "YOU" can put HTML text here?! Also can we set some vide in the "pages" to?? - FLV, WMV, DivX, and so on...
Hope on your replay so we can clear this out...

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