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Streak Template

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Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
Streak Template

The Streak Template is the ultimate solution for launching your own website in adobe Flash 
without any need of Flash actionscript knowledge and Website designing skills. It is very simple 
and easy to customize and use. You won’t need to worry about editing the Flash files,
because the it is 100% xml driven. The elegance of the Streak Template will make any company
or artist look beautiful on the web, while providing visitors with an engaging and dynamic experience.
This is a nice and beautiful template with a descent design. Contains inbuilt various pages,
fully xml driven and fully customizable -: 
Main Featutes -: 
-Too exclusive Streak effect.
-Can play Youtube video or etc. 
-Fully xml driven and customizable. 
-FullScreen option.  
-Fully xml driven Music panel .
-Automatic adjustable according to the window area. 
-Different background image for each page. 
-Beautiful loading effects. 
-Optional Full-Screen button
-Optional Social Icons
-Custom Module Template added for creating your own custom modules
-Full XML driven (manage your content without the use of Flash; create new pages, display
them in any order and then customize them diferently only by editing XML )
-Two level deeplinking.
-Extremely high level of customizability (loads of options)
-All modules are resizeable
-All text is HTML formatted.
-Possibility to add you own swf modules.


Music is optional and you can have as many songs as you like (default volume are XML driven)
Backgrounds are auto exact fit by default.
Submenus are supported
Add you own SWF , with XML option.

Resizeable (XML driven dimensions)
Supports images, videos,audios, YOU TUBE videos and swf movies
HTML formatted text
Thumb titles, large titles and description text are optional
Image numbers are optional, and their color, size and position are XML driven
Video default volume XML driven
Videos can have preview images

Unlimited number of albums and tracks
Optional track information
HTML formatted text
XML default volume

Resizeable (XML driven dimensions)
Optional image slideshow
HTML formatted text

Resizeable (XML driven dimensions)
Title and description are optional
The slideshow module comes with a lot of XML options like autoplay, randomize order, use
num buttons, use info button, force info (for example if an user decides to hide the info
to see the image betterm you could choose to either leave the next image information the
way the user chose, or force it to appear again)
HTML formatted text

Resizeable (XML driven dimensions)
HTML formatted text
Can be used as a TEAM VIEWER as well, where the name of the team member could be in the
big text field, and his/her position could be in the small text underneath

Custom validation for email and phone
Custom error/success messages
HTML formatted text

Enjoy Streak Template !
Feel Free for any query

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user jmedina
jmedina didn't purchased this file yet 7 years ago

ok, so create a custom request to you and I will require folder feature on pictures, mixed media, news, videos, music

SUNGANAK the listing author 7 years ago

hi jmedina

thank you
The Streak Template is a lite version template with limited options.
If you like to have the folder feature u asked on this template then we will add that feature and will provide u through custom projects.

Feel free for any queries.

user jmedina
jmedina didn't purchased this file yet 7 years ago

forgot to ask: in your images and mixed media tabs, I would like to have folders (or other pics based on descriptions e.g. weddings, reunions, vacations) is that possible on this component or is it necessary to purchase one of your other higher priced components ?

user jmedina
jmedina didn't purchased this file yet 7 years ago

excellent component/website template ! good price too...

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