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PHP PayPal Download Shop Script

PHP PayPal Download Shop Script - click for preview
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user EasySites ByEasySites


Allows you to Sell any type of file download from your own website and your clients get there downloads instantly sent to there email without waiting.

Currencies Available:


Admin Features:

- Add, Edit and Delete Digital Products
- View, Add and Delete Categories
- View Manage and Delete Sold Items
- Enable/ Disable and Edit Pages
- Enable and Disable Advertisements
- Enable and Disable Features
- Move Around or Disable Top Navigation and Search Bar
- Move Around or Disable Category Links
- Switch Theme Settings
- Send a Message to a Customer
- Send a Message to Any Email
- Notes, For Personal References

Advanced Features:

- Update .Xml RSS Feed
- Update .Xml Sitemap
- Manage Seo Meta Robot Settings
- Edit and Manage the Robots.txt
- Restore and Optimize Database

Hosting Requirements:

- PHP (any version will work) - Built using PHP 5.x
- MySQL (any version will work) - Built using MySQL 3.x
- .Htaccess Files

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user TinyBird
TinyBird purchased this file 8 years ago

YES! I am all functioning now. Can't wait for your next php marvel..and/or thems for this app. Thanks for the customization for my needs. ps. If anyone else uses yahoo web hosting;note, that you must use "mysql" for the hostname when establishing the MYSQL.

user EasySites
EasySites the listing author 8 years ago

OK i have just finished coming up with a version just for you without any htaccess files :)

I have attached the files to a private message inside MMFiles.

Please let me know if you need any other assistance, Thanks.

user TinyBird
TinyBird purchased this file 8 years ago

After purchasing, almost made it up and running. Except, I failed to recall that Yahoo web hosting does not support .htaccess and thus, kaput. Real simple and clear instructions for installing. The .htaccess_hidden files are rejected, however. I do get the admin side of things working, but the user side, which I am guessing, deploys the .htacess, fails. Is there a manual, tinkerin, work around or solution for those of us who use Yahoo? I have hosted with others, but prefer Yahoo for many other strengths.. It has been awhile since the .htaccess dilemma occurred, so I forgot to pick this potential problem up. If I can get over this hurdle; Beautiful piece of work and exceptional value.

user EasySites
EasySites the listing author 8 years ago

Hi there, thank you for contacting me.

Yes all links and files belong to the script except for the Facebook Like and Google Share Buttons those if Enabled are the only functions that need to use an external javascript file otherwise everything is on the server.

user TinyBird
TinyBird purchased this file 8 years ago

Another question; Are all scripts contained within the files provided? Therefore, no links to external website(s)?

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