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user adrianTNT ByadrianTNT


Easy to use star rating system for your website, by pasting 1-2 code of provided javascript you can display the system on your site and allow the users to rate your content (pages, articles, photos, products, etc), you simply provide an unique item to be rated, e.g Product19, Product20, etc.

- Very easy to integrate in your site, see "using the script" area for details.
- Loads and posts new votes without reloading the web page.
- Can be included in any html file type like html, htm, asp, php, etc.
- It saves data automatically in a plain file on server.
- OPTIONALLY it can also save data to a database (you define few variables like database username, password, table name).
- Easy to change stars by replacing the small images.
- Easy to customize looks and colors by editing existent CSS file.
- Can allow users to vote again after X seconds.
- Can also display half stars (or only full stars).
- You can define labels for each star clicked: good, bad, outstanding, etc.
- Easy to translate or change the texts.
- Ratings can also be displayed in read-only mode so users cannot post new votes
- You can set the total number of stars (usually 5 or 10) and can change this at any time without affecting the current vote results.

Using the script:

Unzip the files, upload the ratings folder on your server by FTP .
On the pages where you want ratings to appear insert this code:

<script type="text/javascript">
rating_id = 'product_1';
<script type="text/javascript" src="/ratings/tnt_ratings.js"></script>

Where the value of "rating_id" is an unique item to be rated (article_20, photo_4, product_10, etc).

In background the component uses PHP to save the data, but you don't have to worry about that part.

Keywords: rating  system  star  php  javascript 


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user adrianTNT
adrianTNT the listing author 9 years ago

Hello E-levan, this one just uses html JavaScript PHP so it doesn't use flash, I didn't link JavaScript functions with flash before. But you should be able to add additional functions on the star click events.

user E-levan
E-levan purchased this file 9 years ago

Hi Adrian

Nice file I just have one question though, is it possible to use this with the addCallback function in flash. Like say for instance I were to use this with an onClick event sending data to flash using the ExternalInterface function, then as soon as the event is registered with flash it sends the data back to a php file, would I still need the
javascript file or is it possible to include that in the addCallback function telling javascript what to do.

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