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Easy Password Login System

Easy Password Login System - click for preview
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user arc600 Byarc600


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
Description: The purpose of this file is to provide an easy to set up password system to limit access to bonus sections of a website. Note: Each password movie clip has the ability to load the same page for all users or a specific page for each user.

What This File Should Be Used For:
I imagine this file would be useful for people who have a small site who want to restrict access to certain parts of the site. As you can see in the demo file I made a section telling members about special events and product discounts.

What This File Should Not Be Used For:
This file should not be used to protect financial data or other important data. Commercially available decompilers will be able to view the ID and password data located in the SWF. You could use an obfuscator, but I don't know if that's completely secure.

What You Will Need:
You need to own Flash to use this file.

1. Unlimited number of IDs and passwords.
2. Right click playing is disabled (so a person can't fast forward through your
file with the right click menu).
3. IDs and Passwords are set so they are not case sensitive.
4. Upon ID and password success SWF or HTML page can be loaded (or file skips
to a frame as is shown in the example).

Keywords: password  user  ID  login  easy 


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user salonenetwork
salonenetwork didn't purchased this file yet 8 years ago

Hi arc600,

I would like to offer my clients your Easy Login Password System ( ace/easy_password_login_system_2609.html ). Will you consider offering a Developer License?

user arc600
arc600 the listing author 9 years ago

I will take a look and get back to you shortly.

user PHIL974
PHIL974 purchased this file 9 years ago

Bonjour arc600,

I did not understand or make the users names and passwords.
After several attempts, I did not find it.
SOS Please, I have a great need for this application.
Thank you in advance.

Je n'ai pas compris ou mettre les noms users et passwords.
Aprs plusieurs tentatives, je ne m'y retrouve pas.
SVP SOS, j'ai un grand besoin de cette application.
Merci par avance.

user eddymax
eddymax purchased this file 9 years ago

Ey arc600, I got it and it works great, thank you so much, you really rock dude. COngrats for an excellent job. Hey Adrian TNT, this file should be on the Admin Picks, it's really great!!!

user arc600
arc600 the listing author 9 years ago

Thanks adrianluty.

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