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Easy Publish: Documents - Images - Catalog

Easy Publish: Documents - Images - Catalog - click for preview

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Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
There is no faster way to self publish a large number of over sized images (such as one gets in scanning or with large photographs).

The purpose of this file is to allow the user to easily publish a large number of documents or images in a short period of time. With that in mind a number of time consuming steps are performed automatically, including: auto resizing, centering, rotating, smoothing, quality adjustment, page numbering, and masking.

- Quick Publish
Here are the only steps you need to take whether you would like to publish five pages or 500.

1. Open the "pictures" mc from the library (double click on it).
2. Click on the first frame of the pics layer
3. Import your pics (File>Import>Import to Stage>Select Pic>Open>Import all Images in Sequence?>Yes)
4. From the menu click: Commands>Run Command>Select "SmoothAllBitMaps.jsfl">Open
5. Click: File>Publish and upload the swf and html to your server and you are done.


- Image Quality

1. To change image quality for all images open AdjustQualityAllBitMaps.jsfl and change the imageQuality value to whatever value you would like. Save the file then click back on the original file.
2. From the menu click: Commands>Run Command>Select "Adjust QualityAllBitMaps.jsfl">Open

- Masking Documents

When a document is scanned often it's not the same size as the scanned area.
One does not need to edit each picture to eliminate the white space but can
use an auto masking feature that is applied to every picture.

- Fine Tuning

More options are available in the actionscript.

initialImageRotateRightAndResize = true; //use if first image vertical
initialImageRotateLeftAndResize = false;
mouseScrollWheelZoom = true; //scroll wheel zooms image
mouseScrollWheelScroll = false; //scroll wheel scrolls image
resizeImageWhenRotated = false; //set to true if some images vertical
differentSizeImages = false; //set to true if images different resolutions
backgroundBlack_mc._visible = true; //if true starts black, otherwise white
adjustPageCounterForDoublePages = false; //use if each image two pages

- Full Screen
Give it a try.

- Drag and Drop
The file is self contained in a movie clip, you can copy and paste it into an existing fla.

- Resizing
You can resize the file by changing the width and height in the object tag in html page. For ex. change width to 50% and height to 50% or whatever percent you desire. If working within Flash just resize it like any other movie clip.

- Flash vs. Non Flash
This file requires Flash to use it, however, if you buy the file and send me the images you want published I'll create the files on my computer and send you back the swf and html.

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