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Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
This is a metronome created with flash ActionScript 3. It can be used by any musician to keep a steady beat. There are four different drum beats to choose from. Each beat is made up of real world drum sounds. This metronome can play beats from 50 beats per minute up to 250 beats per minute going by multiples of 5. It works by loading mp3 files from the server. Each mp3 file is about 8 seconds long and about 75kb.

Users may change the tempo by sliding the Beats Per Minute slider or clicking on the left and right arrow buttons. Pressing the space bar will stop or start the metronome. Pressing either the left arrow key, down arrow key, or minus sign on the number pad will lower the beats per minute. Likewise, pressing the right arrow key, up arrow key, or plus sign on the number pad will raise the beats per minute. Pressing 1, 2, 3, or 4 on the keyboard will select that beat as well as clicking on the individual beat buttons.

This would be a great program for a drummer, guitarist, piano player, or a musician of any kind. I have included the original mp4 file used for the clouds background as well as the font used. I have also included a still image of the clouds. If you would prefer a simpler design, just replace the video with the still image provided.

Keywords: metronome  drums  Drum  Machine  beat  maker  guitar  piano  music  audio  player 


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