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Flow Template Photography Deeplinking

Flow Template Photography Deeplinking - click for preview
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user FWDesign ByFWDesign


Flash version: 10, ActionScript 3.0.
Flow Template it's an advanced AS 3.0 deeplinking photography template with a very nice feeling of flowing navigation through it's resources and photos, it can be used as a presentation web site or a photography web site, depending on your target.

No Flash knowledge required for setting up this template. Everything can be set from a main .xml file and also each gallery has its own .xml file making it extremely easy to update and maintain.

This template it's resizable adjusting after the browser size. This means that everything will look the same on each resolution and your photos will appear the same for all your visitors.

You can use landscape or portrait images, this template has a cool and unique feature that allows to resize the image to fit into the browser(this is perfect for portrait images) or to be resized so that it will always fill the browser(this is perfect for landscape images). This can be used individually for each image.

This template use deep linking, this means that you will have a unique link for all the template sections generated dynamically based on the section name, for example if you like to send a client the link for a specific image you can do that just like using a regular HTML site, this feature also enables the "back one page" and "forward one page" browser buttons.

The index.html file used in this template can be organized for SEO.

You can add as many galleries and custom text windows as you like.

This template uses some advanced text windows like the About us", you can add any text, format it with HTML, this means that you can add images or SWF files, change the color, size of the text, add external links etc.


* Deeplinking. - (unique url for each template section).

* The template handles portrait or landscape image formats easily.

* The template is resizable , so everything will resize based on the screen resolution, adjusting the size of each piece of the template based on the resolution without distortion. Resize the browser after the template is loaded in order to understand better this feature.

*The option to add as many galleries and custom text windows as you need and also to label them as you like.

* You can use any type of image format for the thumbs or the big images, the gallery will resize and display perfectly no matter the image size or format, this makes it a perfect gallery for photographers.

* Easy navigation for the thumbs and big images.

* You can add a detailed description for each image and format the text with basic html text. (this is optional, this means that the image description window can be disabled individually for each image).

* The entire color theme can be changed for the buttons, preloaders, images and thumbs , this way can blend with any web page.

*External links menu buttons.

*A contact form that you can use to receive messages(this can be disabled).

*Fullscreen buttons(this can be disabled).

* OOP code.

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user spliter
spliter didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

Template is great and for me is not problem to update any thing :) but it will be good if have Admin panel to upload new info, update gallerys and etc. whitout editing any kind when someone else have to change something :)

user FWDesign
FWDesign the listing author 1 decade ago


No but you don't need one! Is super easy to update it. Help file and samples are included in the download .zip file, also if you have problems I can offer support.

user spliter
spliter didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

Is this template have administration panel?

user FWDesign
FWDesign the listing author 1 decade ago

I am sorry but this is a different file discounts are not available for this one.

user loth
loth didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

Hello, I bought her a template, this would discount if purchased

I am a great admirer of his work. Congratulations.

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