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Limited offer! XML Simple Photo Template

Limited offer! XML Simple Photo Template - click for preview
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user BF-Designs ByBF-Designs


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 2.0.
Limited offer for this week: 20% OFF!!! You can buy this great full customizable template with only $15!!

This is a very nice and simple to use, integrate and customize template for photographers, artists, personal use etc. It is XML driven so you can do all the changes by just editing some xml files. You will find a help file where it is described how to change info texts, how to add, edit, remove galleries and pictures, how to modify the playlist etc.

For the Home page and Contact page you can edit everything: title, menu items, picture, content text, copyright text, mp3 playlist, titles for contact info and form, the labels for the form, form messages etc.

For each gallery you can set the name, if the slide show will start automatically, slide show time, description, picture. You can set if for a gallery the details page will appear or the photos will be showed directly.

You can add unlimited number of galleries and pictures.

All the texts are HTML formatted so you will be able to change and customize the look and feel however you want.

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user BF-Designs
BF-Designs the listing author 1 decade ago

And thanks for your interest.
The contents for the 3 pages are placed in the library in "home page", "gallery page" and "contact page". If you want to duplicate a a page content in another just copy and paste all the frames/layers from one page to another. I think you will also want another xml file so duplicate the existing one, put the new content and add in code the new file (xmlData.load("filename.xml");). You can change the menu names in items.xml.
If you have other questions please send me a private message.

Kind regards,

user igasp4air
igasp4air purchased this file 1 decade ago

Hi there. Can you tell me how to remove the "contact" page and also how to duplicate the homepage? I would like to alter the flash two different ways. one with all three pages just like the home page. Which would mean deleting the contact and galleries pages and making 3 pages like the homepage. I then want to alter it to have another flash with only the galleries and a contact page.
Wach time I try to add another page like the home page the whole flash messes up. and when I try to remove the galleries or the contact page it also messes up.
Thank you!

user BF-Designs
BF-Designs the listing author 1 decade ago

are you talking about the picture's description?

<picture largePicture="picture.jpg" smallPicture="thumbnail.jpg"><![CDATA[Pi cture description here]]></picture>

This is not working? I've tested and all seems to be working properly.

Please make an archive with your files, upload it to your server and send me a private message with the link. I'll download it and see what is happening with your files.


user redrocker11
redrocker11 purchased this file 1 decade ago

Help please. The photo description, which is entered in the galleries.xml file, does not show up in the animation. I have tried adding HTML tags, but nothing seems to work. Even the temporary descriptions in the downloaded file from you do not show up. How do I fix this? Thanks.

user BF-Designs
BF-Designs the listing author 1 decade ago

thanks :)

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