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Cool Resizable Banner Rotator 01 AS3

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Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
The Cool Resizable Banner Rotator rotates a number of images or swf files, according to an items list that is set up in the xml file.
The twist in this banner rotator is the way it displays the image or swf, but the desaturation of the big image can be disabled from the xml. The banner
resizable and customizable from the xml. The small image also works as as button, this button can open an url or go to a frame or label, this
functionality can be set up fro mthe xml file.

XML Settings:

width and height of the banner
time between changes
pause on mouse over true/false
disable image desaturation true/false
stroke width
the scale of the small image
text description background alpha value and color
preloaders alpha and color
url target, frame/label for the button functionality
all colors and mouse over colors

Have fun with this new component from FLASHFUMES.

Keywords: dynamic  image  rotator  xml  resizable  customizable 


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