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user adrianTNT ByadrianTNT


Flash version: 7, ActionScript 2.0.
A great way to easily display your products, services or other images, you can add/remove as many JPG or SWF images as you want by editing a configuration file with a simple text editor. Users will see a button for each image, buttons will blink while an image is loading.

You can also enable/disable the slide show for the ad rotator, site visitors can also disable the slide show by pressing the pause/play button.

On top of the button there is an ad-display-time indicator, it will show the time left before moving forward to next ad, ad-display-time indicator can be disabled, color can also be changed.

Image format can be JPG or SWF, you can also load gif or png if you open the fla file and publish it for flash 8. Now it only requires flash player 7.
Images can also be animated swf files if you like.

You receive the source file, but the ads loader can also work as standalone application, you do not need the flash program to set the images to be loaded and other options, the settings can be changed by editing the configuration file with a text editor.

Each ad/image can open a given url on click, the url would be the page that is showing more details about the product or service in the image. The url is optional, if none is set then nothing happens when image is clicked.

Other available options
- time to display each ad, this can be set globally or each ad can have a different time.
- autoplay can be disabled or enabled by default.
- fade effect between ads.
- time to display the fading effect between ads.
- play/Pause button can be enabled or disabled.
- alpha value for the buttons (transparency).
- alpha buttons for the buttons when mouse is over them.
- space between buttons.
- margin around the buttons group.
- the display time bar above the buttons can be disabled/enabled.
- alpha value (transparency) of the ad display time bar.
- color of the ad display time.
- an url to open can be specified, url opens when user clicks the image.
- target frame of url to open.
- you can now chose that first loaded ad to be a random ad.

Keywords: ads  ad  loader  loop  display  xml  rotator 


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user adrianTNT
adrianTNT the listing author 8 years ago

Hi Flowmatic.
Yes, it must be from your html code eider where you set the width/height of the swf oject and/or you need to set the scale mode to "noscale"; try to start with the default html code provided, it contains the width/height and you can simply increase them if needed.

user flowmatic007
flowmatic007 purchased this file 8 years ago

Hello AdrianTNT,
I embed the ad loader on a test page in my website however it is showing the images much smaller then 590px by 175px. I checked with support groups and they insist that it is the swf file that is not configured right to use 590x175 pics. What do you suggest?

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT the listing author 10 years ago

It is target="_blank", in the default files you received there is a target frame set for first image and it opens in a new window. Full line sample:

<ad image="ratings.jpg" link="/rating.html" target="_blank"/>

user kidstyle
kidstyle purchased this file 10 years ago

Hello, I am a happy AdrianTNT customer
Question: what code do I need to add in the xml file to have the target linked page to open in a new window?
I tried to add "target=_blank" but I probably positioned it incorrectly in the code... Do you know what to include where to make the target page to open in a new window?
Thanks for your help!

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT the listing author 10 years ago

It will work if GoDaddy allows you to:
- Upload both ad_loader.swf and ad_loader.xml in same directory in your site.
- Insert swf files in your html pages, so that you can display the ads loader.

Other than that it does not require anything special.

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